Simon Stålhandske

Tablecloth is a fun improv tabletop game of design and creativity that you can play anywhere.
Super bad cover game of Spelunky
A character controller for an acrobatic car.
The more photos you take, the more lonely you get.
Chicken clicker monetizes the shit out of chickens.
Role Playing
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Paranoia inducing spider puzzler.
Presents ANY data in various useless ways
An endless take on the classic Donkey Kong game.
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A minimalist golfing game.
Glow stick musical party game
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You are probably doing it right if your controller is upside down.
This pixel painter is leaking paint as she moves around the screen
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Juicy local multiplayer shoot em up with a distinct art style.
Random setup file I found in my downloads folder.
Stone gets stuck on planet Earth and realizes it cannot do anything.
A hectic local multiplayer pirate battle at sea
Endless runner with vegan zombie robots
A social criticism of the consumer mentality